Average salary of a Business Analyst is $90K to $140K+

Average Salary of a Software Developer is $80K to $170K+

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Synergy Global Academy aims to take your career to unprecedented heights. We want to boost your academic growth, staff, and mentor you on how to excel in the IT industry.


It’s in the name: Synergy Global Academy is all about working together and creating an environment of collective enterprise that will keep you at the top of the technology wave.

Our instructors have many years of real world experience working for many top global organizations, along with a deep passion for their teachings. Our instructors help you overcome steep learning curves, and are there every step of the way!

Our Courses

At Synergy Global Academy, we offer the most sought-after courses in the realm of IT. It is our vision to make you an integral part of this competitive industry.


Business Analyst

Saturdays and Sundays 10am-12pm

Duration: 4 weeks
Starting: soon


iOS Development

Mondays 6pm-8pm

Duration: 12 weeks
Starting: soon


Android Development

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm-8pm

Duration: 12 weeks
Starting: soon

Our Secret to Your Success

At Synergy Global Academy, we will systematically and methodically train you for the most leading roles in the tech industry. Our process in intricate, occurring in 4 fundamental steps:

Training Completion

Arming you with the technical skills that are coveted in the IT realm.


Mentoring you on the intricate details of a successful career in IT.

Resume Preparation

Training you how to make your skills known and desirable in the industry.

Job Placement

Helping you find your niche in the competitive realm of IT.

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